Baby Shower Party for Siblings

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Involve your older child with your baby shower plans. Credit: Getty Images

Clearly, the guest of honor at any baby shower party is the mother-to-be. But if the new baby will have siblings, it's important to include them in the festivities, too. Here are some great baby shower party ideas that will help older siblings get excited about their special new roles as big brothers or sisters.

Dress for the Occasion: Perhaps the easiest way to introduce siblings as new big brothers or sisters is to give them a special outfit. Custom-made T-shirts telling the world the news are not only adorable, but they can be kept for years as a memento of the special sibling baby shower. Let them know ahead of time that they will get something special to wear -- it will help them anticipate the big party.

Arrange a Meet and Greet: The new mother will have enough on her plate without having to greet all guests as they arrive to the party. Why not delegate this important chore to her older child, instead? The new big brother or sister can be tasked with standing in the doorway and giving everyone a warm "Hello!" as they walk into the room for the baby shower party. If they're old enough, they also can introduce themselves in their new role. This not only gives them a chance to feel like it's their party, but they can take pride in announcing the part they will play in the expanded family.

Head of the Table: Moms usually sit in the special seat during the baby shower party, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for one (or two) more. Set a few extra places at the head of the table and decorate a few kid-sized chairs with streamers, balloons and signs that designate the property "Siblings Only." For an extra-special treat, use fancy plates, napkins or real silverware, instead of plastic, to set the spot apart from the rest of the guest seats.

Gifts: While not everyone can pony up enough cash to buy a gift for the new baby and any older siblings, a few guests will be willing to buy an additional gift (or one for the sibling, instead.) Arrange for a few kid gifts to be opened during the event by either inquiring about it on invitations or speaking directly to close friends or relatives about the request. Remember, however, that this is not the time to go overboard. Simple gifts, such as coloring books or puzzles, are perfect for a sibling baby shower.

Document the Day: Kids are usually pretty excited about the arrival of a new brother or sister -- until they get there. Since the shock of adding to the family may not happen until the baby is born, having a few photos from the baby shower to look fondly upon can be a big help. Use the shower event as a way to snap lots of pictures of the sibling being treated as a special guest, and don't forget to get plenty of silly poses, too. After the pictures have been printed or developed, put them all into a small photo album just for the sibling. He or she will love having the memories to cherish.

Remember, time -- not things -- is what kids really want during a period of change. Give constant assurance that they will still be special, even after the baby is born. That's more important than any baby shower party or gift could ever be.


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