Baby Lady Gaga Costume Sure to Be Hot for Halloween

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Lady Gaga meat dress outfit

Maybe skip the meat costume this Halloween. Credit: Mark Ralston, AFP / Getty Images

Does your baby have a poker face? Is she the product of a bad romance? Does she feel the desire to just dance? Is her nickname Baby GooGoo? Does her best friend go by the name Alejandro?

You get the idea.

We laughed so hard we snorted when we saw the "Baby Lady Gaga Bunting Costume" on Gawker. Don't want to shell out the $39.99 for this three-piece set of instant hilarity? Try making your own.

The gals over at Aiming Low offer a step-by-step tutorial for a DIY ensemble that will have every other baby ghoul turning shades of gold lame with envy."Hey! I shall handcraft a baby Lady Gaga costume for my kid," writes blogger Metalia.

All you need to do, she says, is find some shiny pink leggings, a onesie and some sparkly material to add to it. Throw in some outrageous pink shoes and "unleash your Baby Gaga on the world!"

Who should Mom be? Why, Justin Bieber, of course.

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