'Octomom' May Go on Welfare

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Is welfare in Octomom's future? Credit: Ray Tamarra, Getty Images

We live on a fragile planet that is only a rogue asteroid away from oblivion. We should cherish every ...

Oh, never mind that!

Somewhere out there, an unwed mother who had 14 children may be about to collect welfare. This may not be true, but you might want to start grinding your teeth now. Just in case.

Stories about Nadya Suleman -- you know, "Octomom" -- collecting welfare are zipping through cyberspace at warp speed. Newspapers across the country have picked up the story. Almost all of them trace their routes back to the same starting point -- the gossip site RadarOnline.

How does RadarOnline know Suleman is about to go on the public dole? They asked someone. And the someone they asked is an anonymous source, one reportedly close to Octomom.

What more evidence do you need?

The source tells RadarOnline that Suleman sincerely wants to do the right thing and support her family by parading her life in front of us for our amusement, but the deal for a new reality TV show fell through.

"She was hoping for merchandising deals, but those never came through," Mysterious Source tells the site. "And she's written a book but no publisher wants it."

Mysterious Source adds Octomom may go on welfare as a result.

"Nadya will never come out publicly and say she's going on welfare but everyone close to her and familiar with her situation knows that it's going to happen very, very soon," Mysterious Source says. "She needs the money. She has no choice at this point. And she's been on public assistance before."

Suleman, herself, has told the press she wants to stay off public assistance, go back to school and get a master's degree in counseling.

Mysterious Source says that's not going to happen.

"Nadya's parents have done a lot to help her despite their difficult relationship," he or she tells RadarOnline. "But they aren't rich and they're struggling, too. Her father bought the house but he can't support her. There's just no choice. She's running out of money and those kids need to eat."

Oh, and RadarOnline also reports Suleman is behind on her mortgage payments. Again.

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