Baby Shower Centerpieces That Last

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Baby Shower Centerpieces

Spell "baby" in blocks for a centerpiece that will do double duty. Credit: Getty Images

Throwing a memorable baby shower by coordinating decorations with the shower's theme will likely make the mother-to-be happy. But also investing in a long-lasting baby shower centerpiece will allow your guest of honor to think fondly of her baby shower for years to come.

Here are some of our favorite long-lasting baby shower centerpieces:

Baby Block Centerpieces:
Purchase one or more sets of colorful wooden alphabet blocks or buy a blank set of wooden blocks and paint them yourself. Spell out baby-themed words such as "baby girl," "baby boy," "bib," "bottle" or "love" in the center of the table. Surround the blocks with tea lights or flameless LED tea lights. This is a centerpiece that lasts, since baby-to-be will play with the wooden blocks for years to come.

Rub-a-Dub-Dub: For a sweet bath time theme, buy reusable metal tins at a craft store. Float colorful rubber duckies or other classic bath toys in the tubs. The tins from your long-lasting baby shower centerpiece can be reused in the future as flower pots, and baby will use the bath toys over and over again.

Baby Sock Bouquet:
One of our favorite centerpieces that lasts is the baby sock "rose" bouquet. Mom will use the vase in the future, and she'll certainly need the socks when the new baby arrives. Purchase a baby bootie vase or make one yourself. You'll need six pairs of socks to make a dozen "roses," wire and a lot of florist tape. Making the roses is fairly intuitive, but this video contains step-by-step instructions. Display your homemade "flowers" in a tall glass vase. For added realism, purchase some inexpensive greens and baby's breath at a local florist shop or nursery.

Birthday Candles: Make a beautiful birthday shower centerpiece from a numbered birthday candle surrounded by a wreath of silk or real flowers. These special birthday candles make great baby shower gifts. Each year on baby's birthday, Mom can light the candle until it burns down to the next number. This is a centerpiece that lasts -- at least until baby-to-be's 21st birthday.

Blooming Plants and Dish Gardens:
Force open some fragrant paperwhite narcissus bulbs, tulips or daffodils in a beautiful pot for a long-lasting baby shower centerpiece. Mom will enjoy the scent of the blooms for several weeks, and she can reuse the bulb pot in the future. Make or purchase a blooming dish garden in a basket or pretty dish. When properly maintained, these plants will last for years.

Personalized Vase:
Upload a favorite photo of the parents-to-be to create a unique personalized vase and fill it with a lovely bouquet of flowers for a sweet baby shower centerpiece. Buy several permanent Sharpie markers in a range of colors and encourage guests to sign the vase with good wishes for the expectant parents. The personalized and signed vase will be a wonderful heirloom for the baby.

Baby shower centerpieces that last bring happy memories for years to come are also environmentally friendly, since they aren't trashed when a shower ends. With a little creativity, you should be able to purchase or make long-lasting baby shower centerpieces that match your theme and will please the guest of honor.


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