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Baby Strollers

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Expecting a new baby can bring about all kinds of feelings: nervousness, elation and, all too often, total confusion over what you need and which best baby gear brands are the best.

Is there really a big difference between high chairs? Should you buy the most expensive car seat? Does it matter which stroller you choose? Your friends and family may insist they know which baby gear brands are best, but, although your loved ones may know a thing or two, it's always a good idea to do some searching of your own.

A good place to start: baby gear reviews. But where to begin? Here are three sites that give different types of baby gear reviews you may find useful:

Consumer Reports: The long-running nonprofit consumer advocacy magazine has a team of objective experts who put all sorts of consumer products, including different baby gear brands, to the test. The results are provided in side-by-side comparisons that are some of the most trusted product reviews you will find anywhere.
A caveat: Because Consumer Reports does not accept advertising money, the publication relies on paid subscriptions to fund product testing for the online site,, as well as the print magazine. While it's true there are many baby gear reviews on the Internet that can be found for free, Consumer Reports' expert reviews may make it worth the online subscription rate of $5.95 a month or $26 for a year ($19 a year for print magazine subscribers). Of course, with the subscription, you can also access reviews for electronics, cars and appliances.

Parenting: Another print magazine with a large online presence, Parenting has a panel of everyday moms and dads who test all kinds of baby gear. In fact, you can sign up to be a Parenting product tester yourself. Reviews consist of a round-up of the testers' top picks, with a brief quote from one of the testers. Products with bad reviews seem to be weeded out by not making the list, which makes it a bit less useful than Consumer Reports.

Also, keep in mind that Parenting does run advertising by various baby gear brands. Still, Parenting is a reliable free resource for information on baby gear brands, and keeps reviews up to date by removing recommendations if they are recalled.

Expo: The site has hundreds of user-submitted reviews of baby gear brands -- nothing unusual about that, as you can read all the user-submitted reviews you want on sites such as or However, Expo offers video reviews from real people, organized so you can easily find different kinds of baby gear reviews.

The advantage is that reviewers can actually demonstrate drawbacks, which is helpful when you're making your decisions. You won't get the extensive side-by-side comparisons of Consumer Reports, but the free site includes poor reviews as well as positive ones. The site does run advertising, in the form of randomly generated Google ads, and does have sponsors.


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