Mom Robs Bank on Way to Pick Kids Up From School

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Erica Fay Anderson mom robs bank picks up kids from school

Erica Fay Anderson faces second-degree robbery and first-degree theft charges. Credit: Josephine County Jail

Erica Fay Anderson of Grants Pass, Ore., had a lengthy to-do list on Sept. 21. She needed to pick up her two daughters from elementary school, but first she had to stop by the bank.

And rob it.

The Oregonian newspaper in Portland reports the 37-year-old mom was right on time to pick up the kids, but not before she dropped by the Umpqua Bank at 2:15 p.m. and passed the teller a note demanding cash.

Police tell The Oregonian she and alleged getaway car driver, 19-year-old Joshua Kemp Deeter Tseu of Grants Pass, simply continued on to pick up her two daughters at Highland Elementary School.

Witnesses gave police a description of the car and the license plate number. Given this rather large trail of bread crumbs, police easily tracked the car down to Anderson's home where she returned after picking up her kids.

According to The Oregonian, Anderson and Tseu face charges of second-degree robbery and first-degree theft. Anderson's two daughters were reportedly turned over to the Oregon Department of Human Services.

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