Baby Diaper Cake: Alternative Centerpiece

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Baby diaper cake

Diaper Cakewalk offers themed diaper cake centerpieces. Credit:

Few baby shower gifts are as mundane -- or as needed -- as diapers. But with a little creative presentation, you can give the useful gift and help decorate the baby shower at the same time.

Baby diaper cakes are a fun baby shower centerpiece alternative. As decorative as an elaborate floral centerpiece, but much longer lasting, the largest diaper cake centerpieces are made with 100 or more usable diapers, often embellished with baby accessories such as stuffed animals, receiving blankets and toiletries.

Designs geared to the style of the mom are popular. It is Mom, after all, who will be looking at and enjoying the "cake" at her shower. Baby diaper cakes with boy and girl themes are common designs for those who prefer traditional baby color schemes.

If the mother-to-be has a favorite hobby or collection, a profession she is especially successful in or a very definable style, work it into the design of the baby diaper cake. For example, a mom who is a big baseball fan would get a kick out of a diaper cake in her team colors. A toy gavel would be a fun "cake topper" for a mom who is a judge. Or, for an extra celebratory DIY diaper cake, try Chris Jordan's diaper cake, which uses a bottle of champagne as the base for a hidden surprise.

Professionally made diaper cakes generally will set you back more than a dollar a diaper (of course, you're getting more than just diapers), which may be well worth it. But baby diaper cakes also can be fun DIY projects, as you can fully customize the cake to the mom's style and personality. Expect to pay around $15 to $40 for the baby diapers, plus the cost of ribbon, cloth and any embellishments.

Thinking of going the DIY route? ParentDish has instructions for a simple step-by-step for a baby diaper cake that uses 53 diapers (disposable or cloth). The key to this cute diaper cake is the rolling: Each diaper needs to be neatly and snugly rolled into a tube shape and secured with rubber bands, which will be hidden under ribbon on the finished cake.

If you're no Martha Stewart, Lil Baby Cakes offers a large selection of baby diaper cakes, from the traditional to the unusual. Centerpiece designs include stylish polka dots, themes such a jungle and ladybug, towering pink and baby blue designs, inexpensive mini diaper cakes of 30 diapers and a simple style for $24. One-tier cloth diaper cakes also are available.

Diaper Cakewalk also sells an adorable line of baby diaper cakes, and, for a royal baby shower centerpiece alternative, check out the Diaper Castle Cakes. Diaper Cakewalk also offers Do It Yourself diaper cakes -- affordable plain baby diaper cakes that you decorate yourself for $20 to $109.

Looking for a pre-made baby diaper cake that's a bit edgier? Search, where crafters sell all kinds of different centerpieces, including baby diaper cakes such as the black and white Damask Diaper Cake from baby2bnashville.


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