Baby Shower Idea: Shower the Daddy

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Baby shower for father

What do you serve at a baby shower for Dad? Chicken wings, of course. Credit: Corbis

Ever wonder why it's the moms who get all the baby shower fun?

With more and more dads staying home with the kids, it's about time these pops get a party of their own. In fact, even dads who work outside the home are taking on increased responsibilities around the house. The National Parent Teacher Association recently released a study showing that fathers have become significantly more involved in their children's education over the past 10 years. So, is throwing Dad a party really such a radical baby shower idea?

Here are some original baby shower ideas for expectant daddies:

Tool Time Baby Shower:
While Dad's friends may be reluctant to attend a "girly" baby shower, most would be happy enough to help with "manly" tasks such as painting the nursery and assembling the crib and baby furniture. Don't serve traditional baby shower food like sheet cake with pink frosting, tea sandwiches or fruit salads. Let a Super Bowl party menu inspire your daddy baby shower menu. Snacks including buffalo wings, chips and dip, sliders and other "guy food" would be welcome.

Include Dad in the Registry: If Dad is a reluctant guest of honor, don't force the issue by insisting on a shower. One baby shower idea for dads is to include expectant fathers in Mom's baby registry selections. For example, let Dad register for a manly diaper bag, like this camo-print diaper bag, rather than forcing him to carry a pretty-yet-feminine floral diaper bag. Similarly, dads love backpack baby carriers, which allow them to take baby hiking. By giving fathers a chance to put in their input in registry decisions, they'll feel more connected with the baby shower.

BK (Before Kids) Party:
Celebrate Dad's transition to fatherhood with baby shower idea related to his pre-baby interests. Throw a BK (Before Kids) Party, which is much like a bachelor party -- but for fatherhood. A popular baby shower theme for women is a spa party, since Mama-to-be won't have a lot of time for pedicures once baby arrives. Similarly, a father-to-be might enjoy a golf outing, football game or night at the sports bar before his weekends are spent at home with the new family.

Food Feast: Mom and Dad won't have much time to cook once baby arrives, so a clever baby shower idea for dads involves filling the freezer with homemade casseroles and the pantry with ready-to-eat convenience foods. This is particularly important if the expectant daddy is clueless in the kitchen -- we don't want anyone to starve when the new baby arrives.

Just remember, while baby showers for dads aren't the norm, you shouldn't hesitate to throw one if you believe the father-to-be will enjoy a celebration in his honor.


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