Are You a Mompetitor?

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There's something about motherhood that brings out the competitor in us.

Maybe it's all the advice we get, flung at us from every corner. Maybe it's because we're just so darn proud of the fact that we made a person -- from scratch. Maybe it's the media, which steeps us in images of what the ideal mother looks -- and acts -- like.

Whatever it is, we moms sometimes find ourselves engaging in playground games that have us competing for the title of Super Mom -- that's what blogger Erin Zammet Ruddy writes about in her hilarious take on the "competimommy." Nothing gets her quite like the barely-masked disapproval of breast-feeding moms:

"And any time a mom asks me whether I'm nursing and then gets that tsk, tsk, holier-than-thou look on her face when I say no, I want to scream," she writes.

Can we get an amen?

What is it about moms that brings out this side of us? Whether it's making your own homemade, organic baby food, work-at-home moms vs. stay-at-home moms, or whose kid can speak Dutch first, why do we make parenting an Olympic sport?

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