Baby Shower Diaper Cake: What's Inside?

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Sesame Street's baby diaper cake makes a fun centerpiece. Credit:

Forget fancy candles, giant bouquets or decadent treats. Baby shower diaper cakes are today's go-to baby shower centerpieces.

The coolest baby shower diaper cakes are loaded with lots of other surprises for the mom-to-be, in addition to that very useful supply of diapers. So, what's hidden inside those baby shower diaper cakes, anyway?

The common elements to all baby shower diaper cakes are diapers, rubber bands and ribbon. (Click here for a video tutorial on how to make a diaper cake.) But beyond the basics, there's room to customize your diaper cake to match the baby shower theme. To spark your creativity, here are some popular items to decorate and put inside baby shower diaper cakes:

Nap Time: Burp cloths and receiving blankets are practical gifts. Wrap the outside layers of your baby shower diaper cake in receiving blankets to imitate icing. Use a matching burp cloth for the top layer of your cake. If you're making a cake out of chlorine-free diapers rather than pure white Pampers Swaddlers, you may want to use this trick to hide the unbleached, natural-color diapers.

Meal Time: If the expectant mother is planning to bottle-feed, hide the bottles from her registry inside the baby shower diaper cake. Decorate the outside of the cake with bibs, infant spoons, teethers and pacifiers.

Champagne: Hide a bottle of fine champagne inside the diaper cake for a festive surprise. The happy parents can use it to toast baby's arrival with visiting family. For instructions on how to make a champagne diaper cake, check out this post from AlphaMom.

Bath Time: Create a colorful rubber duckie-themed baby shower diaper cake. Hide baby shampoo, baby oil, diaper cream, baby powder, lotion and other baby care essentials inside the cake, wrapped in baby washcloths. Attach bath toys or a plush yellow duck to the outside of the cake. Wrap the bottom layer in a colorful baby towel.

Clothing Layette: Tuck onesies, baby T-shirts, bibs and pajamas inside your baby shower diaper cake. Baby socks make elegant "roses" to adorn your cake. It's simple to make a rose from baby socks and just a bit of florist tape.

Green Diaper Cakes: Make an eco-friendly baby shower diaper cake by using chlorine-free diapers or substitute cloth diapers from the expectant mother's registry. Hide organic and all-natural baby shampoos and lotions inside the cake and attach an organic plush toy or wooden teether to the outside.

Feeling Toasty: Feting a baby due in the winter? Make a winter-themed baby shower cake. Hide mittens, bottles and hats inside the diaper cake. Wrap the bottom layer in a soft fleece blanket.

Out for a Swim: If the mom-to-be loves the beach, celebrate her love of water with a swim-themed baby shower diaper cake. Use swim or regular diapers to make the cake, and adorn it with baby sunglasses and baby beach shoes. Hide baby sunscreen and a towel inside the cake.

Just Add Cash: For some, the best thing to receive inside a baby shower diaper cake is a gift card or money. After all, she'll need to buy more diapers soon.


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