Mom Joins Cheering Crowd While Girls Fight Like Pit Bulls

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Who needs pit bulls and roosters? All you really need is two young girls.

Let them fight it out while a bunch of cheering and jeering spectators circle around and egg them on. Heck, even a proud mama will show up to root for her little girl.

Psst, please don't tell Michael Vick.

Of course, some people take a dim view of this sort of extracurricular activity. April Newman of Manatee County in southwest Florida faces child abuse charges because she watched her daughter fight another girl and did nothing but encourage the smackdown.

Someone, naturally, caught the fight on video and posted it on YouTube.

NBC News in Miami reports authorities argue Newman's voice is clearly audible on the video. "Alright Sara! Come on, baby. Get up," Newman allegedly says after "baby" is pummeled on the ground by another teenage girl. "Come on, baby. Let's go."

The fight took place in an open field as dozens of kids watched. One boy was even providing ringside narration and, NBC News reports, Newman was not the only parent in the crowd.

"Baby" allegedly kneed her opponent several times in the head until the cops showed and everyone scrambled. Not all the kids got away. Grilled by the police, they reportedly folded faster than Superman on laundry day and fingered Newman as the cheering mom.

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