Unique Baby Shower Gifts: Personalized Jewelry

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Personalized Jewelry

When in doubt, buy jewelry. Credit: Corbis

Shopping for a beautiful, unique baby shower gift and hoping to find something other than the usual stuff on the registry? Or maybe you're trying to track down a gift for a woman having her second baby, so you're free to go beyond the baby basics. Here's the perfect idea: Personalized jewelry makes a great gift for any mom, and is a special baby shower gift.

Rings: An interesting baby shower jewelry gift is a ring for the new mom. You can find rings that leave room for many birthstones or styles that allow space to add names of all the children in the family. If you are buying it before the baby arrives, you'll want to know the mom's ring size before she was pregnant, so that after the baby comes and the swelling she probably has in her hands goes down, it'll still fit. Not sure of her ring size? Enlist her partner's help and ask him to trace one of her rings if he doesn't already know her size.

There is no shortage of ring styles available -- from fancy to simple -- to match the mom's personality. With a lovely personalized ring as a baby shower gift, she can see a representation of her beautiful children every time she looks at her hand.

Bracelets make nice baby shower jewelry gifts because you don't have to worry about the size. Look for beaded bracelets that come with name and birthstone beads or a charm bracelet with room to add more children's charms later on. Another great option is a bangle with the child's name stamped on it. With so many different kinds of bracelets to choose from, you can find the perfect baby shower jewelry gift for the new mom.

One of the more popular personalized jewelry gifts for a mom is a necklace. With so many different necklaces styles to choose from, you're sure to find just the right unique baby shower gift for the mom-to-be. So, where to begin? Stamped sterling silver necklaces can be simple and elegant or fancy and elaborate. Some designers add birthstones or messages, others keep it simple with elegant pearls and some offer lockets or "mommy tag" necklaces.

Custom Styles: For more unique baby shower gift ideas, spend some time browsing Etsy.com where many artisans show and sell their works and even take custom orders. You could also attempt to make a beaded bracelet or a stamped leather cuff if you're feeling crafty.

Personalizing It:
What if you've found the perfect jewelry for your baby shower gift, but can't personalize it yet, because the mom-to-be isn't sharing the baby's name, and you don't know which month the baby will be born in to get the correct birthstone? Most companies and artisans will give gift certificates, which the mom can then redeem once the baby is born. You can wrap the card or certificate in a small box, or place it in the arms of a sweet stuffed animal for the baby.

If you don't want to get a gift certificate, you can print out a picture of a similar item, fold it up and put it into a jewelry box, and give that as your baby shower gift. When the baby is born and you have the information you need, you can purchase the beautiful jewelry gift and take it to the mom-to-be -- also a great excuse to see the new baby.


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