Baby Blankets: Unexpected Uses

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baby blankets

Baby blankets can be used for much more than snuggling. Credit: Getty

That Linus van Pelt was on to something. Every baby needs his or her own blanket (or two, or three), which makes it a good thing that baby blankets are among the most common gifts given to parents of newborns.

If there's one thing infants excel at, though, it's growing. And, just like with clothes, babies grow out of their receiving blankets quickly. But even if your infant hasn't yet outgrown his or her blanket, baby blankets don't need to just be used at naptime. Finding a left-of-center use for baby blankets isn't tricky; it just requires a little bit of creativity.

Taking heed of the five unexpected uses for baby blankets on this list will help ensure you get the most out of one of the most popular baby gifts.

1. The Multi-Purpose Tool. Above all else, your baby's blanket is a soft and comfortable piece of cloth. Keeping this in mind, it can be used for any number of purposes, from an emergency changing pad to an outdoor nursing cover. Place it over your baby's head in a rainstorm or fill it with your baby's toys and tie it up like a bundle to use it as a carrier. The possibilities are endless. Just use your imagination, and remember, you can always toss the blanket into the washing machine if it gets dirty.

2. The Sun Protector. Do you like to take walks with your baby but hate it when the sun gets in his or her eyes? Protect your bundle of joy from the elements by using a baby blanket as a stroller awning.

3. The Sleep Aid. Worried your baby might turn over in the night? Roll up a couple of blankets and place them on either side of your infant; they will keep him or her snugly in place in the crib and will give you some much-appreciated peace of mind. Rolled baby blankets also can be used to hold your child's head upright in the car seat. For more smart and safe suggestions, click here.

4. The Craft Project. Are you handy with a sewing machine? If so, your baby's extra receiving blankets can be used as fabric for all sorts of projects from diapers to bibs. You can even combine your child's cutest baby blankets together to make a quilt.

5. The Piece of Art. If your baby has finally outgrown his or her most cherished baby blanket, you can place it in a nice frame and hang it up as a piece of art the family will always cherish. You also can cut the blanket up into pieces and put a bit of it in your scrapbook, a bit in a frame on the wall and/or a piece of it in an acrylic keychain frame to carry around with you always.

Another way to display a piece of your baby's blanket is to put it in this $20.95 personalized photo cube. The tasteful wooden cube can be engraved with your baby's name, birth date and birth weight. Putting a piece of the blanket in the cube along with photos of your baby makes a great keepsake you can pass along to your child when she grows up.


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