Beehives Wooden Toy a Buzzworthy Pick for Preschoolers

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Beehives wooden toy

A real honey of a toy. Credit: Moolka

Inspired by real bees and their natural habitats, the colorful and adorable Beehives from Plan Toys entertains children while helping them develop fine motor skills, coordination and concentration.

Beehives challenges preschoolers to return each bee to its color-coordinated home, using the included wooden pincers. The toy is designed using a modular system concept which allows for play using various configurations and at different levels.

Beehives also provides parents with a great opportunity to teach their children about the wondrous bee and its role as nature's hardest worker.

It's made of natural, chemical-free recycled rubberwood and finished with natural latex glue and non-toxic water-based paint.

Available at Moolka for $29.99.

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