Move Over Miley - Gaby Could Be the New Tween Dream

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So, here at ParentDish, we don't pretend to be Simon Cowell or Paula Abdul, thinking we're qualified to judge who should be the next American Idol, but when a rising star catches our eye, we just have to share.

We recently came across this YouTube video of 11-year-old Gaby Borges belting out Miley Cyrus's "Can't Be Tamed" -- complete with backup dancers, braces and some serious pipes.

According to her website, Gaby lives in Florida, loves salsa and hip-hop dancing, plays the guitar, has acted in Telemundo soap operas, performed in music videos and enjoys covering songs including Whitney Houston's "I'm Your Baby Tonight" and "On My Own" from "Les Miserables."

Watch your back, Miley. Gaby is on the go.

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