Popular Italian Baby Names and Variations

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Sophia Lauren Popular Italian Baby Names

Choose an Italian baby name as lovely as Sophia Lauren. Credit: Robyn Beck, AFP/Getty Images

Ciao, Bella! And Sofia! You, too, Alessandro and Matteo! If you have an Italian heritage, or just like the sound of Italian names, there are many lovely, exotic Italian baby names you should consider.

For parents who worry giving their American baby an Italian baby name might be too different, look for a popular American name and either use the Italian version of it, or modify it slightly so it sounds more Italian. Then, as your child grows, he or she can choose to use the Italian or the American version of the name.

Some popular Italian names for girls this year are Isabella, Elizabeth, Emily and Sophia. Sophia is already an Italian baby name, but you can change the spelling to Sofia to make it more unique. Another variant of Sophia is Sonia or Sonya, also more unusual names for a baby.

Isabelle and Elizabeth are very similar in Italian. Change the "e" to an "a" and Isabelle becomes Isabella. You also may choose to shorten either baby name to Isa, Elisa, Lisa, Bella or Liana, or change the name even more to Annabella, Annalisa, Liliana or Elisabetta, and use the shorter names for nicknames. There might be many babies named Elizabeth in the nursery, but not many have the Italian baby name Elisabetta.

Emily is another popular baby name that will sound more like an Italian baby name when changed to Amelia, Emilia or Emiliana. As she gets older, your daughter can choose to use her more exotic name, or its English version.

There are some great Italian boys names, as well. If you like the American baby name Jacob, and want to give it an Italian baby name twist, you could choose Giacobbe, Giacomo, Iacopo, Jacopo or Lapo.

Alexander becomes Alessandro or Sandro, and, if you want to name your baby boy Anthony, but want it to sound even more Italian than it already does, try Antonello or Antonio. Those names can provide great nicknames such as Nino and Tonio. Still looking for that perfect name for your baby? How about Matthew, which in Italy becomes Matteo or Mattia?

Giving babies unique Italian versions of American names will provide them with lots of options for nicknames growing up, and help them discover the name that suits them best, whether it's the American version, the Italian version or some wonderful mix of the two.


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