Baby Teething: Strategies to Help Your Baby Sleep

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Teething pain is no fun, but there are things you can do to help. Credit: Getty

There's little that makes a mother cry "Poor baby" like a child who is teething.

And, poor mama, too. Baby teething pains cause many sleepless nights for you, as well as your little one. In desperation, you may be tempted to try an outdated remedy. While you'd never feed your baby vodka, rum or whiskey, you might be tempted to rub some alcohol on your baby's gums to numb them. But while Grandma may have relied on rum to treat teething pain, doctors recommend against this old-fashioned remedy.

Here are some safe baby teething tips to relieve baby's pain and help everyone get some sleep:

Chill Out: Cold can soothe a baby's sore gums. Soak a washcloth in ice water, squeeze out the excess water and let your baby chew on the washcloth. Or, purchase a plastic gel baby teething ring that you refrigerate. While many moms freeze their teething rings, some pediatricians recommended against extreme cold. If your baby is eating solid foods, you may find that serving chilled foods such as yogurt, chilled bananas and applesauce soothe, as well.

Massage Those Gums: Use a chilled washcloth or clean finger to gently massage your baby's gums. Baby teething pain can be relieved by gentle pressure. Many teething rings contain nubs and ridges to help massage a baby's gums. We like the First Years Massaging Action Teether, which is star-shaped and vibrates when baby bites down it, plus, each of the three star tips has a different texture.

Test Teething Toys: Test different teething rings until you find one your baby loves. The BPA-free Sophie the Giraffe is a favorite of many kids, as it's the perfect size for a baby's hands, and Sophie's long neck and legs are just the right size for baby's mouth -- particularly for molars and teeth in the back of a baby's mouth. Sophie also makes a pleasant squeak when squeezed -- if laughter is the best medicine, giggling at Sophie's squeaking is a wonderful way to reduce baby teething pain.

Another excellent teething ring is the Winkle by Manhattan Toy. It's simple to grab and has a gentle rattle. The Flower Teether, another great option, is made from soft cotton with a removable beech wood ring, so your baby can alternate between firm pressure and soft fabric.

Hold Your Baby: Teething pain often can be relieved with Mom's loving touch. Try rubbing his back or giving a gentle baby massage.

When Desperate, Try Baby Tylenol: Sometimes medicine is a good idea if your baby is inconsolable. Baby Tylenol may help your teething baby sleep, but always speak with your pediatrician to get exact information on dosage before using Baby Tylenol for the first time. Always ask your doctor for information on frequency and dosage.

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