Justin Bieber: Pocket-Sized and Ready to Take Home for the Holidays

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Justin Bieber doll picture

We always thought Justin Bieber was a doll. Credit: Splash News / X17online

Better get in line at the mall now, moms of tweens. Just in time to make Santa's wish list, singing sensation Justin Bieber is making his debut as a cute, squeezable action figure.

The new collection of singing Bieber dolls will complete with his signature 'do, hoodies and microphones, according to a press release.

The 16-year-old heart-throb from Stratford, Ontario, who was propelled into stardom after posting a video of himself singing on YouTube, also has just launched a website strutting his toy stuff.

Bieber's toy line, set to hit shelves Dec. 4, will feature: JB Style Collection Figures, $17.99; Justin Bieber Music Video Collection Singing Figures, $27.99, that each "sing" a portion of one of Justin's most popular hit songs and come with fun accessories; In Concert Microphones, $14.99, that play two of Justin's hit songs with cool sound effects; and the cuddly and collectible Signature Plush, $7.99, according to the release.

Word is still not out on whether the dolls are with or without his bird tattoo.

Oh, and here's a present for moms: Visit this Twitter link for a little elf help in your shopping quest.

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