Personalized Piggy Banks

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A sweet piggy bank will make a mom-to-be squeal with delight. Credit: Getty

Ca-ching! Who doesn't love the sound of coins clinking as they drop through a piggy bank slot? Cute, cool and memorable gifts, the only thing that can make a piggy bank gift even better is to personalize it.

A "baby's first piggy bank" is a wonderful way to commemorate a new birth, and there are several unique, traditional and off-the-wall suggestions that would make great birthday gifts for older children, as well. Here are a few of our faves.

Personalized Girls' Dragonfly Piggy Bank, $19.95: Personalized baby gifts show the new parents you care about their bundle of joy. This sweet, pink ceramic piggy bank is covered with hand-painted flowers and grass and can be personalized with up to 10 letters of a little girl's name.

Boys' Personalized Piggy Bank, $46: This cute little boys' personalized piggy bank is hand-painted, emblazoned with baseballs and tied in a blue bow. The bank comes gift-wrapped and with a card for you to further personalize as you wish.

Girls' Personalized Piggy Bank, $46: Pink, hand-painted and decorated with daisies and a pink bow, like the the bank for boys, it comes gift-wrapped and with a card for you to personalize.

Cast Iron Piggy Bank, $13.21: Modern piggy banks are swell, but traditional styles can really add some antique flair to a nursery's decor. This classic cast iron piggy bank is timeless and just the right birthday gift for the antique lover in your life.

Furry Bones Piggy Bank, $16.99: Here's a great piggy bank for older girls. Featuring a wee little pig with a cute and spooky skeleton face, the pig is wearing a scarf and holding his very own miniature piggy bank.

Baby Essentials Silver Plated Piggy Bank, $9.99: This adorable silver plated bank has the words "Baby's First Piggy Bank" embossed on the side. It's a classic, elegant keepsake both the baby and parents will cherish for years to come.

Paint Your Own Piggy Bank, $11.45: Talk about personalization. This terracotta piggy bank includes paints and a brush to customize your creation however you want. It's a great way to commemorate a new birth, birthday or other event.

Chicago Bears Football Helmet Coin Bank, $14.99: Is there a sports fan in the house? If so, consider getting him or her this ultra-cool piggy bank in the shape of a favorite team's helmet. All NFL teams are available.


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