Record Number of Children Died in Hot Cars in 2010

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Some deaths occur when exhausted parents forget they left their kids in the car. Credit: Getty Images

Temperatures might be dropping now that fall has arrived, but that's no reason to be less diligent when it comes to leaving your kids in the car. This year, a record 48 children have died of hyperthermia after being left or trapped in a hot car or truck, according to the Kansas-based organization Kids and Cars.

AOL Health, our sister site, reports that some deaths have been reported as late in the year as December, and notes that it's not just the southern states that are at risk.

To keep your kids safe, it's important to be aware of where your children are at all times, Dr. Lolita M. McDavid, medical director of child advocacy and protection at Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital, tells AOL Health.

"You can use a stuffed animal -- when the child is in the car seat the stuffed animal is next to you. When you take the child out, you put the stuffed animal in his or her place. So it's a visual reminder."

To read the full story, check out AOL Health.


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