Trick-or-Treaters Want Princess and Spider-Man Costumes This Halloween, Poll Says

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Princesses, witches and pirates are set to rule this Halloween. Credit: Getty.

More than two thirds of kids already know what they want to be on Halloween. And, no big surprise there, most girls want to to princesses.

About 4.3 million kids will dress up as princesses this Halloween, the most popular costume for the sixth year in a row, says a poll from the National Retail Federation, a trade group. By early September, 69.5 percent of the households polled said their kids had picked a costume -- more than 42.1 million kids in all.

Princess costumes are the most popular among kids, followed by Spider-Man, witch, pirate and Disney princess costumes. Pop culture is big for kids: Among the most popular character costumes are Batman (ninth on the list), Star Wars characters (10th), Tinker Bell and other animated characters (12th), Buzz Lightyear (14th) and Iron Man (17th).

And if you think the kids are ready to get dressed up, grownups are way ahead of them: 73.8 percent had picked their costume by early September. The most popular: witch, vampire, pirate, nurse and wench/tart/vixen. An earlier poll from NRF found more adults plan to dress up this year than kids. Adult princess costumes tied at 14th with police officer and doctor among adults, just ahead of number 15: French Maid getups.

Many households also will dress up their pets this year, with pumpkin being the most popular pet costume. The other top pet costumes are devils, witches, hot dogs and bees.

"Creativity will reign this year as parents look for ways to save money while making sure their families' costumes are the talk of the town," Phil Rist, executive vice president for strategic initiatives at market research firm BIGresearch, which did the poll for the NRF, says in a statement.

The trade group released poll results recently that showed American homes will spend more this year on Halloween than last year, almost back to pre-recession levels. But the survey also found parents still plan to hold back their spending by reusing decorations and making their own costumes.

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