Would You Feed Another Woman's Breast Milk to Your Baby?

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Can't pump enough breast milk? One mom offered to do it for her pal. Credit: planet_oleary, Flickr

Breast-feeding is such an intimate act -- but blogger Taylor Newman shares her story of feeding her baby another woman's breast milk on Parenting.com:

I'd caught wind of the heated breast milk debate/divide (who could miss it?) before becoming pregnant; I knew about the benefits of breast-feeding and breast milk, and also about the countless healthy, happy formula-fed babies out there in the world, enjoying life.

I was formula fed myself, and haven't suffered from any IQ or immune system deficits, so while I appreciated from the get-go all that breast-feeding has to offer, I didn't get swept up in the politics of it.

I felt in the beginning of pregnancy, in that early stage of constant nausea and soul-crushing fatigue, that nine months was a long time for one's body to host another being, and thus found myself leaning toward formula feeding in the interest of regaining a level of physical autonomy as soon as possible. Once into the second trimester, however, bumping along nicely and adjusted to the idea that my autonomy -- physical or otherwise -- was long gone (forever), and feeling okay about that, I decided I'd give breast-feeding a whirl.

There's been an interesting little twist of events in our story, recently. I have a standing weekly play date with a good mama-friend and her 18-month-old son. We're the same age, embrace the same general parenting style, have similar senses of humor -- you get the idea (a good friend). She's breast-fed her son exclusively, though, is still nursing, and offered to pump for Kaspar. I was floored. Pumping was a serious drag for me. I'd sit with that thing for forty-five minutes and get three ounces if I was lucky, but my friend here can pump that same amount in five minutes flat. Still, I was stunned by the offer. "You'd pump for him?" I asked in disbelief, to which she confirmed, "I'd be happy to."

So, Kaspar's getting breast milk and formula again, and to be honest it makes me feel good -- really good -- to know he's benefiting from all of the healthy stuff breast milk has to offer.

I'm feeling lucky for our inside supply.

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