Baby Boy Clothes: Homecoming Outfit

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Bring a special baby boy homecoming outfit with you to the hospital. Credit: Getty

You've stuffed your hospital delivery bag with a robe, slippers and other comforts from home, but don't forget to include baby boy clothes when you pack.

You'll take lots of photos at the hospital and possibly even more for baby's homecoming. While many moms opt for practical newborn boy clothing, others want a special baby boy homecoming outfit to be captured on camera. Here are our tips for picking the perfect baby boy homecoming outfit.

Consider family heirlooms: Save money on baby boy clothes by opting for gently-used hand-me-downs or a family heirloom. Since homecoming outfits are often treasured keepsakes, it's quite possible your mother-in-law still has your husband's baby boy homecoming outfit or the baby cap he wore. It would be a sweet, sentimental gesture to use Daddy's homecoming outfit or to wrap the new baby in your treasured baby blanket.

Bring a spare outfit: Newborns drool and spit up. A lot. So bring an extra outfit to the hospital. It's not uncommon for moms to bring their babies home in a completely different outfit than planned because their newborns spit up all over the original homecoming outfits.

Think about sizes:
On message boards, moms frequently complain that their babies "swam" in huge outfits marked 0-3 months, while larger babies could be too big for the newborn boy clothing their mothers packed. Since babies have delicate skin, you'll want to wash the outfits in advance, which can make a too-small newborn outfit non-returnable. Our advice? Bring a size 0-3 months outfit to the hospital and leave a newborn outfit and a bigger sized outfit at home. If your baby is too small or too big for the 0-3 month outfit, then your husband or a friend can remove the tags from the correctly sized baby boy clothing at home, wash it and bring it to the hospital.

And here are some of our favorite baby boy clothes that would be perfect homecoming outfits:

Gymboree Brand New Baby Collection:
Gymboree sells adorable and practical baby boy clothes. The First Dino collection is a great baby boy homecoming outfit, as the outfit is easy to get on and off your newborn and as comfortable as pajamas. The reversible cardigan with embroidered and printed dinosaurs layers over the practical bodysuit and soft, reversible pants. A matching baby hat and receiving blanket are also available.

Old Navy Newborn Boy Clothing: Old Navy is an excellent option for budget-friendly baby boy clothes. The company's hooded micro performance fleece one-pieces for babies are perfect for winter or chilly fall homecomings. Bear ears make the hood on a cozy snowsuit adorable -- your newborn will look like a little teddy bear, and you'll pay less than $20.

Under the Nile Baby Boy Clothing: Under the Nile is a great organic clothing brand. Its Side-Snap Layette Set runs less $25, and are extremely easy to dress your newborn in, since you don't need to pull the top on over the baby's head.

Hartstrings Newborn Baby Boy Clothing: If you want a traditional baby boy homecoming outfit, Hartstrings is an excellent choice. The traditional rompers and knit overalls are classic and classy.

Ralph Lauren Baby Boy Clothing:
If you're in the mood to splurge, Ralph Lauren offers Luxe Pima lounge sets and cashmere cardigans.


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