ParentDish's Healthy Families Challenge: On Your Mark, Get Set ...

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... and go!

At the starting line we have:

1. Four revved-up families.
2. A list of attainable goals.
3. An action-packed roster of opportunities to get healthier by moving more and eating better.
4. And eight whole months devoted to feeling alive and looking great.

Meet the Families:

amy hatch family pictures

Credit: Kathleen Nealon

The Hatch-Palucks, two parents and two young kids from Urbana, Illinois, all planning to teach their genes the meaning of the word longevity with a new, improved food-and-fitness plan featuring fewer carbs, more cardio.

diedra jackson family pictures

Credit: Jackson Family

The Jacksons, a single mom and her son from Oxford, Mississippi. She's bent on getting her svelte back through diet and exercise; he wants to increase his rule in the tween sports world.

quintana family pictures

Credit: Quintana Family

The Quintanas, a Miami-based mom, dad and four kids (three of them teens!). They're looking to kick some butt on the martial arts mats. Not to mention to make sense of their vegan-carnivore-fast food menu.

drevitch family pictures

Credit: Drevitch Family

And the Drevitches, an overscheduled New York City family of five, including three kids who excel at completely different activities. Mom and Dad need to find "parent time" for working out. And the kids? Well, they need to make friends with fruits and vegetables.

Join us every week, beginning Monday, October 4th, and watch our Healthy Families Challengers journey along the fitness path.

Feel free to chime in and cheer them on.

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