How to Play: Pickle

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pickle game picture

Sour pickle! Credit: Chiot's Run, Flickr

What you need: You need two bases, a softball, and two softball gloves.

How to play: Set up the bases 20 feet apart from each other. You can use rugs, mats, or chairs for the bases. Pick two of the players to be "its," and those two players go stand at each base. All other players divide up at each of the bases.

The rules: The two "its" throw the ball back and forth to each other as the other players run from base to base. The "its" will try to tag players with the ball at each base, so the object is to get to each base without being tagged. Once players are tagged, they are out of the game.

How to win: The last two players to not be tagged are the winners and become the "its" for the next round.

What else you need to know: If you don't have any gloves, use a Nerf ball or another softer ball.

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