Style-Minded Moms May Be Saving, but They're Spending on Their Pint-Sized Shopzillas

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Author Sophie Kinsella shops in the children's section at Bergdorf Goodman in New York. Credit: Bebeto Matthews/AP

Sorry style-conscious moms, there will be no Birkin bags or Balenciaga booties for you this season. Even confirmed shopaholics like author Sophie Kinsella are cutting back on their crazed consumption. But not for their little ones.

The newest trend on the fashionista front: Designer-obsessed moms may have been forced by the economy to downsize, but they refuse to deprive their kids from pricey couture, reports.

Even budget-minded moms have got to get their boutique binge on somewhere. Really, who could resist a faux fur toddler-sized zebra hat and coat set? A Gucci diaper bag? Bring on the credit card debt.

"When you have your little baby you want to nurture them, clothe them, give them everything they need," the London-based Kinsella, the mother of four sons, tells MSNBC. "You feel like you have to wrap the child up to make a better world for them. The desire to buy really cute boots for them comes from that same place. ... When I was pregnant, nesting for me was shopping in catalogs."

This shopping shift from mom to kid comes to life in Kinsella's newest book in her fashion-obsessed series, "Mini Shopaholic." Character Becky Bloomwood Brandon vows to shop her own closet in the name of saving money. But she "teaches" 2-year-old Minnie there are exceptions to the new rules when there's a one-off bargain to be had or you're spending your own pocket money. This breeds a well-dressed young lady with discerning taste, who pitches temper tantrums in the aisles of Harrods.

"We're selling a lot of Uggs, Converse sneakers and Stride Rite shoes," Jeanine Edwards, senior editor of tells ParentDish. "These shoes aren't crazy expensive, but $50 for baby shoes are still significant. It makes sense, though, because moms are spending the money to buy good-quality products that they won't wind up replacing in two or three months.

But moms are also shopping smarter, Edwards says.

"We see tons more sales on days when stores are doing special discounts than on days when they are not. Moms know to look for coupon codes and free shipping offers," she says. "Not only do we see more sales when moms have access to these discounts, but the amounts they spend is also significantly greater -- they're buying five or six items instead of just one or two."

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