Handy Device Lets You 'Go' Whenever or Wherever

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When you gotta go, you gotta go. Credit: GoGirl

Let's face it ... the world is not a pee-friendly place if you're female.

Enter the GoGirl female urination device, a clever little thing made from flexible, medical grade silicone that can be a lifesaver whether you're hiking, camping, traveling or just find yourself somewhere without access to a clean restroom.

Because, odds are, you and your daughters will have to resort to squatting or trying to pee standing up at some point in time -- which, as you know, is not as easy as it sounds and often results in splashing or dribbling.

Easy-to-use, GoGirl fits snugly against your body, forming a seal that lets you simply aim and pee -- just like the guys. And it's washable, reusable and folds up into its own little tube for great portability -- so you can use it again and again, and stop counting the miles to the next clean restroom.

Available at GoGirl for $9.99.

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