Justin Bieber, 'Glee' Top Holiday Toy Trends

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Their stockings will be stuffed with Justin Bieber and his swooped hair. Credit: Toys "R" Us

Attention, Santa's helpers! Toys "R" Us has announced this season's hottest toy trends, and what a surprise, they're TV and web sensations -- but we're not talking about PBS and Nick characters. This holiday season, it's all about "Glee" and Justin Bieber.

"Our hottest new toys tie straight into the new and trendy TV shows and mega stars like Justin," Lisa Harnisch, vice president and divisional merchandise manager for Toys "R" Us, tells ParentDish. "Glee Karaoke is another example of an innovative toy straight from popular culture."

Topping the must-have wish list for Santa is a squeezable and singing action figure of teenage heartthrob Bieber ($23.99) and Glee Karaoke System ($69.99), based on the Fox TV hit.

The mega toy retailer announced its 2010 holiday toy trends today, which include the comeback of 18-inch, big-sized dolls, cute collectibles, toys from around the world, technology-innovated versions of the classic train set and a new twist on the decades-old fave Creepy Crawlers ($29.99).

"Now you can make your own crawlers and stuff their guts with slimy stuff then smash them and they explode," Harnisch tells ParentDish.

Adding to the whatever-makes-kids-happy trend, is a line of 18-inch, almost-life-sized dolls that "have a story and can be like a good friend to kids," Harnisch says. "They're the kind of doll your child can have tea with." Think American Girl dolls, but not. The Toys "R" Us line of dolls includes Madame Alexander Mia Bella ($19.98) Hispanic, African and Caucasian dolls.

Trains ($159.99) have been popular for decades, but the 2010 versions of the classic toy is tricked out, techwise, with a mechanism that stops the cars in the set as they approach the train tracks.

Cute, cool and collectible Squinkies, mini figures of cats, tigers and princesses and 100 or so other little versions, are destined to become the Zhu Zhu hamsters and Silly Bandz of this season, Harnisch says. The Squinkies Deluxe Playhouse retails for $29.99.

This year's toy trends were identified after year-long observations of the latest innovative toy introductions at the company's stores in 34 countries around the world, Harnisch tells ParentDish.

"We watched kids and we paid attention to what they wanted," she says.

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