Wicked Cast to Bullied Kids: 'It Gets Better'

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On our list of top 10 things we need daily, a supportive hug ranks almost as high as chocolate. But if that hug can't be in person, we'll still go for a virtual squeeze.

Today we took one from the cast of the Broadway hit, Wicked, who reminds everyone that life gets better. The video, targeted at gay kids, shows actors baring their souls as they talk about their childhood days when they were bullied. But the message, that there is that proverbial light at the end of the bullying tunnel, comes through loud and clear.

We just hope the kids believe it. As Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West sings in the show, "Everyone deserves the chance to fly."

And if you know a kid who's being bullied, after you do your part to make it stop, take him or her to see Wicked. It's all about bullying and power, with a twist even bigger than the twister in "The Wizard of Oz".


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