My American Girl Dolls Let Your Child Personalize and Play Online

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Customize your My American Girl by choosing her hair and eye color and much more. Credit:

"Mom, when can I get an American Girl doll?"

If you, like us, hear this refrain repeatedly in your household, but have yet to give in to the plea, the company's latest line may just be the nudge that your child hopes you need.

My American Girl 18-inch dolls, books, accessories and interactive online site let girls personalize their doll's look on screen, where they can choose from 40 different combos of eye color, hair color and style and skin tone. Want your doll to have glasses? No prob. How 'bout braces or earrings? Got them, too. Prefer your mini me to be dressed as a basketball player, cowgirl or the belle of the ball? Done.

Each My American Girl doll, for ages 8 and up, also comes with a charm necklace for your child, as well as access to, a virtual campus with games, quizzes, a place to find friends and more.

You're about to give in, aren't you?

Available at for $95.

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