Not Just 'Big Boned': Chinese Toddler Weighs 140 Pounds

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Fat toddler picture

Three-year-old Xiao Hao is five times the size of a normal child his age. Credit: CEN / Europics / Rex / Rex USA

A 3-year-old boy in China weighs 140 pounds, more than five times a normal child his age, which has his mother seeking the help of doctors.

Some medical experts think he might have a growth hormone disorder, but others think Xiao Hao has China's "Little Emperor" syndrome, where families are allowed only one child, so they spoil him, the Sun in London reports.

Doctors are concerned, but hopeful about Xiao Hao.

"He is not just overweight but very tall, as well, so we may be able to treat him if it really is hormonal," says Dr. Lu Hong from the Guangdong children's hospital. "But he cannot remain like this or his heart will never stand the strain."

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