The Quintanas, Week 1: Clean Conscience, Empty Fridge

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I am freaked out.

The nutritionist comes this week. I've been so concerned about what she will have to say about our eating habits that I cleared my refrigerator of all incriminating evidence. I then checked -- and double checked -- the pantry and the cabinets. I detoxified my home of anything nutritionally offensive, including chips, cookies, soda and candy.

We were left with almost nothing.

I went to the supermarket and purchased foods that I've always known we should eat, including, but not limited to, an overload of fruits and veggies. My fridge, pantry and cabinets are bursting at the seams. Surprisingly, my grocery tab was less than usual.

My madness was undermined a bit when a friend at church handed my kids a pile of Nerds, Laffy Taffy and Sweet Tarts. As they were digesting, they looked at me in a kind of weird, sugary haze and one of them said, "Is this the kind of stuff we're supposed to stay away from?" To which I responded, "I am going to tell the nutritionist on you!" It will be great to have someone to back me up.

I am pretty sure this will not be the case everyday as we go forward, but as of now, everyone -- at least when there is no colorful candy avalanche involved -- has been asking, "Is this healthy?" before putting it in their mouths. It's as if the fact that we are being held accountable by America (we are, right, you guys?) has given us a head start.

Meanwhile, our training schedule has begun with a bang. David, my husband, and all four of the kids have started working out at American Top Team, a mixed martial arts gym here in Doral. It's hardcore, and they are loving it. David is especially pleased, as he seems to have found a light at the end of his weight-loss-plateau tunnel. In the weeks since he first hit the martial arts mats, he has lost another six pounds.

Chloe, our youngest, has also tumbled into a weekly session at The Little Gym; after her first class, she smiled and appeared more confident than I have ever seen her.

And I haven't forgotten myself: I need to stick with low-impact exercise, so I'm starting Yogalates classes with a private instructor this week. I can't wait to begin stretching and zenning towards a healthier me.

Now I am on my way upstairs to weigh myself, which I have not done in forever out of fear.

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