Break-Ups Made Easier: New York No-Fault Divorce Law Goes Into Effect

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Divorce in New York doesn't have to be a battle anymore. Credit: Getty Images

Ending a marriage in the Empire State got a whole lot less contentious (well, potentially at least) when the no-fault divorce law went into effect Oct 13.

New York was the last state in the nation to adopt a no-fault option, which allows a couple to break up without forcing one party to take the blame for adultery, abandonment or cruel and inhuman treatment, the New York Post reports.

"This is not divorce on demand. This allows an option of divorce with dignity, and brings New York in line with the rest of the country," says State Assemblyman Jonathan Bing, one of the sponsors of the bill.

Bing says people had told him they'd moved out of New York to get a no-fault divorce in another state.


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