Customized Yoga Mats Will Inspire You to Work Out

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Be it beach scene, or yoga-posing bears, Yogamatic's custom mats help get you moving. Credit:

We hate to tell you this, but that baby weight? It ain't going away by itself.

Even if you're one of the genetically blessed who managed to fit back into your skinny jeans soon after delivering your bundle of joy, getting away for a little exercise will still do wonders for your peace of mind.

But getting to the gym -- or even shutting the basement door for a few minutes of solitude with your favorite "Biggest Loser" DVD -- can seem as challenging as running a 7-minute mile.

So, here's some inspiration: offers a huge variety of custom-made yoga mats and towels that you can personalize. Doing a downward dog while looking at a mat with a beach scene, favorite art work or even your baby's smiling face is much more fun that staring at some boring solid shade.

The yoga mats and yoga towels both measure 72 inches by 24 inches and come with a sueded microfiber topside that's printable edge-to-edge in full color, and is backed with an eco-friendly, recycled rubber texture, like most mats.

The yoga towel comes in it's own pouch, and folds down small to fit in your bag.

Choose from hundreds of original designs or create your own image. Those skinny jeans are calling.

Mats are $85, towels are $69, at

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