How to Play: Head Catch

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Do the opposite to win the game. Credit: Getty Images

What you need: You need a standard red kickball and an outside wall.

How to play: All players line up against an outside wall. One player is chosen to be the thrower. This player gets the ball, throws it and tells the receiver whether to head or catch the ball.

The rules: As the first player throws the ball to the next player, she yells out either "Head!" or "Catch!" The person receiving the ball must do the opposite of what the thrower yells. If "Head!" is yelled, the receiver must catch the ball. If "Catch!" is yelled, the receiver must head the ball. If the receiver misses the ball or does the wrong action, he is out of the game, and the play continues to the next player.

How to win: The last player remaining is the winner.

What else you need to know: A variation of this game is the thrower either throws the ball or fakes throwing it. If it is thrown, the receiver must catch it, or he is out of the game. If it is faked, the receiver must not move at all, or he is out of the game.

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