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Ever feel that no matter how much you've done that you always have so much more to do? Erica Ecker, an organizing extraordinaire known to many as The Spacialist, has this suggestion on how to get things done. For Real.

Make your goal to do the things on your list for a very specific amount of time, instead of making it your goal to just try to finish everything on your list, says Ecker. Be sure to prioritize your list before getting started, so that you're spending your time focusing on the items with the biggest urgency first.

For example, set the timer and plow through as much of your list as you can for only 45 minutes a day. At the end of the time you still may be "behind" but now you've actually accomplished your 45 minute goal!

If you create to-do lists that are unrealistic and impossible to accomplish, then you're constantly reinforcing a negative behavior pattern, she says. With this new option, your goal is successfully completed every time you finish your 45 minutes.

This results in a more positive way of focusing on productivity. Instead of always being under the weight of your tasks, you're now on top! When you chip away at your projects like this you're always winning and over time you'll ultimately finish - and with much less stress!

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