Facebook Creeping Saves Child's Life When Nurse Sees Eye Cancer in Photo

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Facebook creeping saved a 2-year-old's life Credit: Getty Images

Good news: Creeping on Facebook has its benefits. Just ask a mom whose 2-year-old's potentially fatal eye cancer was spotted by a friend perusing her site.

London's Daily Mail reports it wasn't red eye that caught Nicola Sharp's attention, but rather a suspicious-looking white reflection that made the 42-year-old nurse from England take note when she was clicking through Michele Freeman's Facebook photos.

Sharp, who has worked in pediatrics from more than 20 years, phoned her friend, and the mom raced her daughter, Grace, to the hospital where doctors found two tumors and diagnosed retinoblastoma, the Daily Mail reports.

The toddler had lost all eyesight in her left eye, and the doctors told Freeman that if the cancer had spread, it could have been fatal, according to the Daily Mail. Grace now has to be treated for four weeks with a specialist laser treatment and will have to monitor the condition for the rest of her life.

"There is no doubt in my mind that Nicola saved Grace's life," Freeman, 37, of Mount Street, Heywood tells the Daily Mail. "There were no signs that Grace had any problems with her eyes and we never would have known without her. ... Without Nicola, we don't think we would have discovered there was anything wrong with Grace until she had a routine eye test at school, when things could have been much worse."

Freeman, who works for Rochdale Boroughwide Housing, and Sharp know each other through visits to Birch Farm on Doctor Fold Lane, where Freeman and Shapr's daughter, Francesca, have horse stables, according to the newspaper.

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