How to Play: Halloween Corners

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Print Halloween-themed images to play this game. Credit: riptheskull, Flickr

What you need: Music, a room with four corners, a hat or box and two copies of four Halloween-themed images, such as a witch, a black cat, a ghost and a jack-o-lantern.

How to play: Place one Halloween image in each of the four corners. Let the players know that when the music plays, they can move around. However, once the music stops, they need to proceed to one of the four corners of the room. Once the players have selected a corner, the music operator pulls out an image from a hat and those players standing in that corner are eliminated from the game. Then, start the music back up, mingle and repeat the process.

The rules: The Halloween image you pulled from the hat is returned before the music starts again, so this game can have as many rounds as necessary.

How to win: The last player remaining is the winner.

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