How to Play: Kickball Kitty Corner

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cat playing picture

Cats get the corners! Credit: Michael Nagle, Getty Images

What you need: You need two or three standard red kickballs and a large, rectangular area outdoors.

How to play: Choose two or three players to be "it." All other players are "cats." The "its" get the red kickballs. They must try to hit as many "cats" as possible.

The rules: All "cats" pick a corner of the area to stand in. Once everyone is standing in a corner, the "its" yell out, "Cats get a corner!" and all the "cats" run to the next corner to their right. While they are running, the "its" try to hit them with the ball. If an "it" hits a "cat," that "cat" must come stand beside the "it" who hit her for the rest of the game. Other "cats" remaining continue to run from corner to corner, trying not to get hit by the ball.

How to win: The "it" with the most "cats" at the end of the game is the winner.

What else you need to know: You can have as many "its" as you want. The more players you have, the more "its" you will have.

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