Lovely Without Lip Gloss: Texas Teens Pledge to Go Makeup-Free

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Like, you're seriously not wearing makeup? Ewwww!

That's the reaction some girls at Colleyville High School in Colleyville, Texas got when they decided to impose a makeup moratorium every Tuesday, NBC DFW reports.

Senior Samantha Gibbs and her friends were inspired by and decided to eschew their mascara, eyeliner and lip gloss once a week, and their group has now grown into a 200-member organization. In addition to going makeup-free, members wear T-shirts that say "redefining beautiful, one face at a time."

Ditching cosmetics once a week might give teens some extra snooze time in the morning, but it's more about building confidence in themselves.

"You just have to be comfortable with yourself, because that's what really makes a girl beautiful," Gibbs says.

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