The Quintanas, Week 2: Who Knew Working Out Would Be So Much Work?

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Wrestlers Picture

David grapples with one of the instructors at American Top Team. Do not try this at home! Credit: Christian Roman

This week was filled with exercise enlightenment.

David and each of the four children have been suiting up in gi (a martial arts uniform, pronounced ghee) and protective gear for the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training at American Top Team Doral. Danillo "Indio" Villefort, who is a World Extreme Cagefighter and has a 12-2 Mixed Martial Arts fighting record, is the adult Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and MMA trainer. Leo Lerner, Sean Soriano and Juan Gutierrez are the children's Brazilian Jiu-jitsu trainers.

We were under the impression that as newbies, David and the kids would get the powder-puff approach. Well, we were wrong! The conditioning they are going through is insane!

The workout begins with a cardio warm-up. Everyone runs around the gym, switching from forwards to backwards; on some laps they also run sideways. Then, they drop to the floor and do backward rolls and leg pushes. The adult warm-up closes with 150 sit-ups, and the trainer stands on each student's stomach for 10 of them.

My husband's voice sounded like a cartoon character in the first class, and his head looked like a tomato. It was awesome!

Danillo has made it a personal goal to get David into shape. My husband and I both are extremely pumped about this.

Let's just say that the kids have passed out after every class.
Not to be left behind, I took an introductory yoga class this week. I got all dressed up in a cute yoga outfit. I was very excited and a bit of a princess, giggling at the fact that while everyone else was going through this rigorous, sweat-drenched workout twice a week, I would float through my breathing and stretching exercises.

My understanding was that practicing yoga was basically about relaxing on a cushy mat with soft music in the background. I could not have been more mistaken.

We began with special breathing exercises, which are intended as cardio to get your heart moving. Then we moved into the stretching. We stretched, tightened, and relaxed muscles that I was not even aware I had. Child Pose, which is a face down fetal position, is easy and my favorite. The Warrior poses, which are real balancing acts, not so much. I thought I heard the instructor say that she would take it easy on me. Either I misunderstood, or we have very different concepts of what "easy" means!

I was sore the next couple of days. Once that subsided, I felt better and younger than I have in a long time. I even managed to go up and down my staircase without running out of breath. Can't wait for my next class!

Let's see what happens with the nutritionist next week as we begin to tie in the food. Believe me, we are hungry!

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