Why Breast-Feeding Makes One Mom Squeamish

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Not every mom loves breast-feeding. Credit: Getty Images

I nursed E for a year.

Exclusively. Not a single drop of formula ever touched her lips; she was weaned to cow's milk after her first birthday. But -- and this isn't something you'll hear many moms who chose to nurse say -- I never really wanted to.

And now that I'm pregnant with No. 2, even though I have a solid year of breast-feeding under my belt (or, more accurately, my bra), I'm having the same doubts about nursing I did the first time around.

When I was pregnant with E, the thought of breast-feeding grossed me out. I knew it was better for the baby, that it would help with the bonding process, that there were significant health benefits for me.

I'm a very private person, however -- I don't like to be naked even when I'm alone. I'm uncomfortable with bodily fluids, messes, things that leak and public exposure. No matter how many times I tried to envision peaceful moments with a new baby cradled in my arms and nourishing her with my breasts, all I could picture was a dairy cow. Moo.

Pregnancy was enough of a physical sacrifice. I just wanted to be myself again, not a baby incubator or a milk-making machine. Still, I did the research and committed to six weeks -- the minimum amount of time, my doctor assured me, necessary for important antibodies to get transferred from me to the baby.

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