How to Play: Hide and Go Seek Werewolf

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Hide and Go Seek Werewolf Picture

Where's the wolf? Credit: Jerome Tisne, Getty Images

What you need:
You need a large outdoor playing area with a home base (a tree, a front porch, or a patio).

How to play:
Choose one player to be the "werewolf." All other players are hiders. As the werewolf counts to 100, the hiders go hide.

The rules: Once the werewolf is searching for hiders, if any hider sees the werewolf, he can yell, "Werewolf!" At this yell, all players can run to home base and start the whole counting and hiding process over again. However, if a hider has found a particularly good hiding spot, she can stay there instead of running back to home base. If the werewolf finds a hider and tags her before she can make it to the home base, that player is out of the game.

How to win: The last hider remaining in the game is the winner.

What else you need to know: This game can be even more fun played at night under a full moon.

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