Clever Bottle Brush Does a Stand-Up Job

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This bottle brush stands out from the crowd. Credit: OXO

If you're dealing with baby bottles, you know what a daunting task it can be to keep all those bottles clean and ready for the next feeding.

Now you can take the battle out of bottle-cleaning with the new OXO Tot Bottle Brush. Featuring soft and firm bristles that make gentle cleaning or serious scrubbing a breeze, this clever brush also has a silicone nipple cleaner tucked inside the handle to tackle tight spots more effectively than bristles alone. The brush also sports a flexible neck to help you reach deep down inside those dirty little bottles.

The best part: The OXO Tot Bottle Brush comes with an ingenious stand with a pour spout that renders counter tops neat and dry and keeps the brush from touching anything else around it.

Available at OXO for $6.99.


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