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Matt Damon stars in the drama "Hereafer." Ken Regan, Warner Bros. / AP

Here is a look at what's new this week in family entertainment as adapted from reviews and ratings by Common Sense Media. Click on the links to read the reviews in full.

In Theaters: "Hereafter"
Matt Damon stars in "Hereafter," a drama in which the main characters struggle to come to terms with death and the idea of an afterlife. Directed by Clint Eastwood, the film is intensely dramatic and includes frightfully realistic scenes of a tsunami and a boy being run over by a car. Those scenes, along with some rough language and drug use, make the film inappropriate for younger audiences. Rated PG-13, OK for kids 15+

DVD: "Oceans"
A documentary from Disneynature, "Oceans" takes viewers below the surface for an up-close look at the amazing creatures that inhabit the Earth's waters. With beautiful images and a subtle message about respecting and preserving this underwater universe, the film is as gorgeous as it is educational. Rated G, OK for kids 8+

TV: "The Boy Who Cried Werewolf"
Featuring Victoria Justice and Brooke Shields, "The Boy Who Cried Werewolf" is Nickelodeon's version of a horror movie. Tween-friendly with a positive message about self-esteem, this made-for-television movie is meant to be more funny than frightening. Rated TV-G, OK for kids 8+

Books: "The Lost Hero"
Rick Riordan, author of the "Percy Jackson" series, continues to explore the world of gods, giants and other mythological creatures in "The Lost Hero." There's plenty of violence and even some bloodshed in this spin-off tale in which three teen heroes must face their fears and do battle with fictitious but fearsome dark forces. OK for kids 10+

Music: "Barnyard Dance: Jug Band Music for Kids"
Old-style folk music is updated with contemporary lyrics on "Barnyard Dance: Jug Band Music for Kids." Singer Maria Muldaur makes beautiful music with homemade instruments while singing silly songs about chewing gum that loses flavor, camel riding and other silly stuff that will make little kids laugh. OK for kids 2+

Games: "Active Life Explorer"
For Nintendo Wii, "Active Life Explorer" is an action adventure game in which players get a real workout as they search for hidden treasures. Using a floorpad controller, players navigate a series of mini-games that require them to run, jump, rappel, dive and dodge obstacles. Rated E, OK for kids 8+

Web: Disney Magic of Healthy Living
Disney teams up with first lady Michelle Obama and her Let's Move campaign to teach kids about health, nutrition and exercise at "Disney Magic of Healthy Living." The site is packed with videos, recipes and quizzes and features many familiar Disney faces encouraging kids to lead healthy lifestyles. OK for kids 6+


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