Co-Sleeping Benefits for Baby and Parents

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Co-sleeping can help the entire family rest easier. Credit: Getty

Co-sleeping -- when infants sleep in the same bed as one or more of their parents -- is gaining popularity in the United States.

When done safely, it can be a great way to get your baby sleeping through the night, and can make it easier for nursing moms to feed their infants while building a strong bond.

Here are four benefits of co-sleeping with your baby. For more information on the benefits of co-sleeping, visit

1. Those who champion co-sleeping say it promotes bonding between babies and parents. One of the ways it does so is by making it easier for new moms to breast-feed. Frequent breast-feeding is necessary to develop the minds and motor skills of infants, and feeding them often is paramount to ensuring proper development. One study, Mothering reports, found that co-sleeping doubled the number of times infants were breast-fed through the night and tripled the duration of each breast-feeding session.

2. Co-sleeping can help prevent SIDS. Lying next to your baby in bed means you can watch your baby sleep, and the more supervision you give your infant, the less likely he or she is to succumb to the syndrome. A study by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission found that just 1.5 percent of babies who die of SIDS do so while in adult beds.

3. Mothering reports studies have found that children who co-sleep with their parents develop higher self-esteem and less anxiety and guilt later in life than their crib-raised peers.

4. Co-sleeping with children can mean the whole family sleeps better. The sooner you respond to your baby's cries, the sooner you can fulfill his or her needs and get everyone back to sleep. Studies have found that new mothers get more sleep when they co-sleep with their children.

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