Should Children Play Tackle Football?

children tackle football picture

When kids play tackle football, are they cruisin' for a head bruisin'? Credit: LM Otero, AP

This weekend the NFL sent a message to players that hits to the head would no longer be tolerated. This edict was handed down following a series of plays the previous week that many league officials, sports commentators, and even some fans found horrifying.

In the wake of increased awareness about the dangers of head injuries, some are saying that the safety standards being used to test equipment such as helmets are outdated. The New York Times reports that the National Organizing Committee for Standards of Athletic Equipment, the group that is responsible for developing those standards, had a meeting this weekend to discuss possible changes to their methods. These tests are used for equipment used by professionals and the 4.4 million children who play football, according to the Times.

Some children play flag football instead of tackle, which brings us to today's question. Now that we know so much more about the dangers of head injuries, should children play tackle football?


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