How to Play: Spooky Walk

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spooky walk game picture

Print pictures of Halloween images to play. Credit: rkramer62, Flickr

What you need: A box, creepy Halloween music and cut-outs or printouts of Halloween images, such as pumpkins, witches, ghosts and scarecrows. You will need one image per player. You also will need to write down what each image is on slips of paper to draw out of the box.

How to play: Place the images in a circle on the floor. Have the children stand on the pictures, and then start the music. Have the kids walk around the circle stepping/standing beside or on the things you cut out. At random intervals, stop the music and everyone freezes by the image next to him or her. There should only be one child at an image.

he rules: Once everyone has stopped, draw the name of one of the images (such as a witch) from the box. The person standing on or next to the witch would be out of the game. The witch image would then be pulled from the game so there are only as many images left as there are children still playing the game. The game continues until only one person remains.

How to win: The last remaining player is the winner.

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