How to Play: Guess What's In the Halloween Box

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Don't forget what's in the box! Credit: Corbis

What you need: A box that is large enough for you to create holes in the side or sides so guests can place their hand or arm in the box. You'll also need Halloween wrapping paper and stickers to decorate the box, a glue gun, a cloth, 10-15 Halloween items (see below for suggestions), pens or pencils and paper.

How to play: Take the box and cut one or two hand holes across from each other in the box. Place a loose cloth cover inside the box that is attached just above the hand holes. Use a glue gun so that it does not come loose during the game. The cloth should cover the hand hole so that guests cannot see inside the box, but it should be loose at the bottom so game players can reach in the box.

Now, decorate the outside of the box with seasonal wrapping paper, Halloween stickers or drawings of ghosts, pumpkins or witches. Next, take your Halloween items and place them in the box. You'll want to have 10-15 items in the box and an area beside the box where the players can write down what they think is in the box without the other kids seeing what they are writing. Suggestions for the Halloween items include plastic bugs and spiders, gummy worms, a small plastic pumpkin, a mini witch, a witch's broomstick, a cauldron, vampire teeth, a real apple, candy corn in a small bag, a mini candy bar, one of those fake squishy eyeballs, plastic bones, a plastic mini-skull and an eye patch. Once you have everything, make a list of all the Halloween items inside the box, and don't let anyone see it.

The rules: One at a time, kids will be called to see if they can identify what is in the Halloween box. Each guest gets the same amount of time (30 seconds or a minute) to identify the contents of the box. Once that player's turn is up, make sure his or her name is on his or her list when it's handed in. Then, the next player will be called. Players should not tell anyone what is inside the box. Once all the guests have gone, score the sheets as follows: One point for every item that is correctly identified and minus one point if an item is listed that is not inside the box.

After scoring, take the Halloween box into the party and ask the kids to tell the game host one item they think is inside. If they name something that is in the box, search for it and pull it out. Continue until they run out of guesses -- in most cases, there will be two or three mystery items still in the box. Challenge them to come up with the last items and if there are no results, one by one, pull out the items and show them to the group.

How to win: The player who scores the most points on his or her list is the winner.

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