Mickey Mouse Halloween App a Sweet Treat for Little Kids

mickey mouse halloween picture

Mickey and some ghostly friends create Halloween-themed fun for tots. Credit: Disney Publishing

Arriving just in time for Halloween, Mickey's Spooky Night Puzzle Book is an interactive iPhone or iPad app designed especially for little fingers.

The story follows Mickey Mouse and the gang as they get ready for a Halloween party at Mickey's house, and provides kids with opportunities to solve simple jigsaw puzzles and collect ghosts along the way to solve a matching game at the end.

You can choose to have the story read to your child, or you or your child can read the story without narration. There's even an option to record you or your child reading the story and play back your voice instead of the built-in narration.

Note: We make it a point not to give our little ones unlimited access to our iPhone or iPad -- since we're big fans of creative play and time spent running around outdoors. However, we do appreciate the combination of reading and simple problem-solving found in this Disney app, and have found that moderation works here, as well.

Available at the iTunes App Store for 99 cents.

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